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The Big Game!

I found this interesting Blog from our corporate office about the upcoming football game and how a creative solution helped make the upcoming half time show possible!

A Creative Solution to a Super Problem

Some of the garage door industry’s most experienced professionals work for Overhead Door™ distributors. We see evidence of it nearly every day in feedback from satisfied residential and commercial customers. In fact, even when our distributors are approached with a super-sized problem we can count on them to get super creative.

A perfect example is the Overhead Door Company™ of the Meadowlands, in the New York City area. Last year, MetLife Stadium, home of the NFL’s New York Giants and New York Jets, and the location of a particularly big football game taking place on February 2nd approached our distributor.

The owners of the stadium had a difficult problem. Plenty of doors, but all too small for the needs of the upcoming game. While MetLife Stadium has dock doors, they aren’t wide enough to accommodate the width of the set pieces for this year’s halftime show.

Before: MetLife Stadium’s two 8×10 doors from the inside.

Creating a new opening for an event that only takes place annually, much less one-time only, didn’t make sense.

What to do?

Luckily, Overhead Door Company™ of the Meadowlands came up with a custom solution.

Before: The exterior view of the two 8×10 stadium doors.

By working with the Overhead Door™ rolling steel plant, they created a system using the existing openings of two of the stadium’s dock doors. The stadium’s two 8-by-10 doors were removed and replaced with two 8-by-14 rolling steel RSX-operated 625 series doors with a mullion on a trolley between them.

Now, when the stadium needs a larger opening, the doors are simply rolled up. The mullion disengages from the floor. It rolls to the side to create 16-feet wide and 14-feet high clear opening.

After: The two smaller doors were replaced by two 8×14 doors with a removable mullion trolley.

According to Jai Patel, general manager of Overhead Door™ of the Meadowlands, the team at MetLife Stadium is thrilled with the finished product. He said that the new doors are simple to operate and reliable. The stadium can also market the facility to new customers, such as Monster Jam trucks that hold an annual show at the arena.

Make sure you look for the Overhead Door™ red ribbon if you’re at the big game!

As you watch the big halftime show this weekend, thank Overhead Door Company™ of the Meadowlands for their creative solution. Without them, Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers wouldn’t have their gear to pull off their performances.

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