Weatherize Your Garage and Save on Heating Costs

‘Tis The Season to Weatherize the Garage!

The weather is getting colder outside and it’s time to start thinking of ways to keep the heat in and the cold chill out!

Winter proofing is a cost-effective way to keep the home warm and also save money!

Homeowners often overlook the garage, and this can have a major impact on heat loss in the home during the winter months. Cold winds blowing in and around the garage doors can also cause discomfort, especially on the floors above the garage, by cooling the hot air furnace ducts running within the floor joints.

Helpful Tips…

1. Garage door weather-stripping around the perimeter of the garage door on the wood frame.

2. Rubber stripping (Astragal) on the bottom of the garage door.

3. Have Insulated steel garage doors. (With High R-value) 

Overhead Door Company insulated steel doors with premium construction and maximum thermal efficiency will give you many years of reliable operation and help keep your home comfortable during the cold months.

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