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Report on Energy Efficient Light Bulbs in Overhead Door Motors

Overhead Door™ conducted a test on some of the most common compact energy-efficient light bulbs. We determined which to use in the Odyssey and Destiny openers. After looking at the report below, it looks like all the spiral style bulbs 20W and lower fit without a problem.

The 23W Sylvania Micro-Mini and Earthmate Super-Mini fit the best. Utlitech and TCP’s 23W versions go in, but interfere with the lens cover. The lens latches if pushed into position. GE’s hybrid bulb that looks like an incandescent bulb doesn’t fit.

Note that many times installing an energy efficient light bulb in an automatic garage door opener can cause interference with the handheld remote. If your remote only works close to your garage door after changing the bulb to fluorescent energy-efficient light bulbs, then you might want to go back to incandescent bulbs to resolve the problem.

The CFL Report

BRAND NAME  –  Actual (Wattage) – Equivalent (Wattage) – Lumens – Results (Yes/No) – Comments

TCP/First Energy                     23                     100                       1600                     Yes          Interference

Utlitech 1600 Series               23                     100                       1600                     Yes          Interference

Earthmate Super-Mini            23                     100                       1650                     Yes

Standard Incandescent         60                     60                         850                      Yes

Standard Incandescent         75                     75                        1170                      Yes

Standard Incandescent       100                   100                       1650                      Yes

Sylvania Mini Craft Light        13                     60                         800                       Yes

Sylvania Micro-Mini                20                     75                        1280                      Yes

Sylvania Micro-Mini                23                    100                       1630                       Yes

Utlitech 1100 Series               18                     75                        1200                      Yes

GE Energy Smart Hybrid        20                     75                        1100                       No

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