Common Garage Door Problems (and repairs).

A garage door that doesn’t work can be a major problem!

As you look at your garage door that will not go up or down it can be a little intimidating. What should you be looking for? Where do you start?

Here are some common garage door problems (and repairs).

  • The garage door won’t open or close. You might just need new batteries in your remote, keypad, or wall button. Perhaps they might need to be reprogrammed.
  • The garage door sticks.  Tracks, rollers or hardware may be dirty. The tracks may have small dents which can be gently tapped out.
  • The garage door sags on one side. If it’s a multi-sectional door, the hinges on one side may need tightening. It’s also possible the pulleys on each side are out of alignment.
  • The garage door closes then reopens again. Closing pressure or limits may be out of adjustment.
  • The garage door doesn’t close all the way. Something may be obstructing the photocells/electric beams, or they may not be aimed directly at one another.
  • Broken springs or a broken motor. These are the most serious garage door repairs. It is always recommended to replace springs in pairs, to ensure balanced operation. A professional should repair a broken spring or motor.

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